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Journaling Workshop/Retreat
February 1-3, 2019 at St Joseph Center, Milwaukee

Associate Faye Schwelitz will lead us in this Progoff Journal Process. The cost of the workshop is $115 and includes: five meals, shared suite for two nights, journal and other materials. 
Deadline to register: January 8, 2019
For more information contact the associate office 414-385-5270/414-385-5253 or associates@sssf.org.

Associates 2017Are you:
  • Looking for a way to find deeper meaning in your everyday life and work?
  • Searching for companions on your spiritual journey?
  • Drawn to a Franciscan way of life?
  • Seeking to share your talents with a larger community whose mission and values match your own, so that your gifts will have a greater impact on the world?
Associates are adult lay men and women who come from all walks of life and cultures and who:
  • Hunger for a deeper spirituality and relationship with God
  • Are inspired by the ideals of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi
  • Identify with the mission and values of the School Sisters of St. Francis
  • Find joy giving of themselves to further Christ’s mission in the world

We invite you to learn more about becoming an associate of the School Sisters of St. Francis.

Upcoming Events

December 20
Collect cookies for St. Ben’s Meal Program
St. Joseph Center

December 21
Package and delivery of cookies to St. Ben’s Meal Program
St. Joseph Center

February 1-3
Weekend Journaling Retreat for associates with Faye Schwelitz
St. Joseph Center

Contact Coordinators:
Sister Rosemary Reier,
 414-385-5270 | rreier@sssf.org
or Rosaura Solano 
414-385-5253 | rsolano@sssf.org

Steps in the Process

Steps in the Process

Once someone expresses an interest in becoming an associate, they will be invited to a time of orientation with a sister or another associate.

Associate News

Associate News

Read the latest news from the associates of the School Sisters of St. Francis.

Spotlight on Associates

Associate Maureen Hellwig
For all the years I have been an associate, justice has been the theme of my ministry,” Maureen wrote in Alive magazine back in 2011. At the time, Maureen was Senior Director of Programs at Chicago’s Erie Neighborhood House, a place that for nearly 150 years has “embraced immigrants arriving in Chicago, welcomed them to our city, and helped them to find their place.”

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For more information, please contact Associate Relationship Coordinators:
Sister Rosemary Reier, at 414-385-5270 | rreier@sssf.org
or Rosaura Solano, at 414-385-5253 | rsolano@sssf.org