Summer Appeal

Summer 2021Feathers

Strolling through summer gardens in full bloom or along shaded wooded paths, how often do you see a feather on the ground? Have you ever noticed a feather appear, seemingly out of nowhere, and wondered why?

Over the ages, many cultures have considered feathers to be a powerful symbol signifying honor and connection between the Creator, the bird from which the feather came, and the person who  found it. Fluttering gently down from the heavens and then found by you, feathers might be a sign that you are being watched over and loved.

Reflecting on the symbolism of the feather, we recognize that your generous gifts have been like feathers from heaven fluttering onto the paths of our missions. Today, we ask you to consider making another gift to continue the vital connection between yourself, our sisters, and those we serve.

For each marginalized woman, child, and family that you support,
your gift will be a feather that shows them that someone cares for them,
is acting to keep them safe, and wishes to empower them on their path of life.


Your gift today will be another feather from heaven…a feather that binds our hearts through love, compassion, and empowerment. You will be lovingly connected with our retired sisters letting them know how much they are appreciated for their years of faithful Make a Giftservice. Your compassionate act will also connect you with the poor through the health care and counseling that remind them that they are cared for. Your thoughtfulness will connect you with children in rural communities by providing them with educational opportunities so they feel empowered to embrace their future. Your kindness will connect you with those marginalized by society as we advocate for peace.

We rejoice that your gifts—your feathers from heaven—serve as a reminder that, together with God, all those we serve are loved by your caring support. Please be that feather of love for others and join us so we ALL dwell in the protecting shadow of God’s wings.




Sister Mary Diez Pam Mueller
President Director of Mission Advancement