Summer Appeal

The Bee Quote

Summer 2022

Whether enjoying the countryside or passing by a backyard garden, have you ever given special attention to the bees? As they move about happily, these pollinators do what they were created to do as they engage with flowers in a beautiful dance. In Canticle of Creation, St. Francis of Assisi proclaims that all of creation participates in the outpouring and reflection of God’s goodness. Taking time to quietly listen to and reflect upon the world around us, we can learn from a bee’s life. Loaded down with sweet-scented nectar from the flowers, bees feed their entire colonies. Spreading pollen to plants and trees, they provide the means to produce the food we eat and the air we breathe. Both St. Francis and St. John Chrysostom recognized that the bees’ selfless hard work for others and sharing what they reap is a model of social life and love.

Like the bees, the School Sisters of St. Francis are unified in mission because of a central focus – to witness to the presence of God as we enter into the lives and needs of people around the world, especially the poor, striving to be a source of new life, new meaning, and new hope. However, we don’t do this alone. Our Flowers and beesbroader community includes our sisters as well as YOU, our benefactor, and those served in mission. With gladness, we thank you for your generosity in the past. Each of us has a purpose and, together, we produced a combined effect greater than the sum of our individual efforts.

Today, we invite your continued financial support and prayers.They will be an outpouring of God’s goodness to make life sweeter for those we encounter in mission every day.

Make a GiftAround the world, the intimate harmony we share brings peace and comfort in daily living to our retired sisters. It brings grace to migrant children and families on the border seeking asylum from violence. It puts bright smiles on vulnerable children who have access to education. It provides refreshing food and clean water to marginalized communities, and holistic healing to isolated villagers.

Bees: A great example for us in community and in our families. Not only do we need to help other people in our “hive” hear and understand the Good News, we also need to joyfully SERVE them. We hope you will join us in promoting the Franciscan spirit of joyful work and serving others by sharing a financial gift.

May God, who is the source of all creation, bless you with joy and peace in these summer days!



Sister Mary Diez Pam Mueller
President Director of Mission Advancement