Latin America

Latin America

The mission of the School Sisters of St. Francis in Latin America began in 1932 when sisters from our European Province were invited to Honduras by the Bishop of Tegucigalpa “to do whatever is needed.” Today, our sisters live and minister in six Latin American countries: Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Peru. They serve as teachers, alternative health care providers, catechists, spiritual directors, and pastoral ministers. They also provide homes and vocational training for at risk children. 

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Believing that education is a basic human right, our sisters in Latin America dedicate themselves to providing formal and informal education to children, young people, and adults, especially to those who may not have had the benefit of even a primary grade education.  They are teachers, administrators, and mentors in a variety of settings.

Paita, PeruColegio de Santa Clara
Paita, Perú

St. Clare School, administered and staffed by our sisters, offers quality, affordable education for students from pre-school through the 11th grade. Sisters also sponsor a small kindergarten in a nearby barrio for children of very poor families. In addition to their school responsibilities, the sisters are involved in parish pastoral work, family catechesis, and sacramental preparation. A small clinic provides low-cost medicines and first-aid to local people.

Vocational Training
Santa Apolonia, GuatemalaVocational Training at Guadalupe Homes

The sisters care for approximately 42-45 children and adolescents in Guatemala.  The children attend local government schools, but the sisters provide additional vocational training to the older children in animal husbandry, gardening, tailoring, shoemaking, and playing musical instruments.  Through these special workshops, they learn skills that will help them earn a living after they leave the orphanage.

Pastoral Ministry and Spiritual Growth

Sr. Enelly Ortiz, Director of the Franciscan Center in Guatemala CityBelieving that all people benefit from spiritual accompaniment and enrichment, our sisters in Latin America participate in the mission of the universal Church by working alongside the local priests and laity.  They serve as catechists for children and youth, communion ministers, youth ministers, and spiritual guides.  They visit the sick and homebound to offer encouragement and spiritual support.

Social Justice and Social Services

Believing that Jesus came “that all might have life and life in abundance” (John 10:10), we strive to support life, promote justice, advocate for the care of creation, and accompany refugees and immigrants in need of social services and pastoral attention.

Guadalupe HomesHogares Santa Maria de Guadalupe
Santa Apolonia, Guatemala

Guadalupe Homes was founded in 1985 in response to the needs of victims of Guatemala’s 36-year civil war. In each of six homes, surrogate mothers (often widows), sisters and volunteers care for the daily needs of orphaned and abandoned children. The children attend local schools for primary and secondary education, and also receive training in practical skills: carpentry, shoemaking, tailoring, agriculture, domestic arts, and computers.

Casa Alexia Food ProgramBorder Ministry
Ciudad Juárez, México

As a joint project with sisters living across the border in El Paso, TX, sisters minister in a local parish, coordinate a food distribution program, and accompany families affected by the violence in the region.



Healthcare and Healing Ministries

Believing that God desires health and healing for all people, we work to provide affordable health services, herbal and pharmaceutical medicines, and psychological counseling to poor people in the rural areas where our sisters serve.

Sr. Josefina at RietiRieti Spirituality and Healing Center
San Marcos, Guatemala

The sisters founded Rieti Spirituality and Healing Center in response to the need for healing in Guatemalan society that was catastrophically impacted by the violence of the country’s 36-year civil war. The sisters form part of a team that offers psychological, physical and spiritual healing, especially for women and children of all ethnic groups.

La LibertadSanta Ana Clinic
La Libertad, Honduras

At Santa Ana Clinic, the sisters and two doctors offer medical care for the poor in the municipality and surrounding villages. They also provide boarding facilities for young female students.

Caring for Our Elder Sisters

As a community, we celebrate the contributions of our fellow sisters from formation through retirement. After years walking the paths throughout Latin America and faithfully serving their people, a number of the sisters in our community are reaching an advanced age. We seek to support these sisters by providing them the care and comfort they need.

La Porciuncula Convent
Moravia, Costa Rica

Elder sisters live together in a small community cared for by younger members of the congregation as well as by lay professional nurses and caregivers.

Santa Teresita Home
Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Casa Santa Teresita was recently renovated to provide quality care for our elder and infirm sisters in Honduras.  The renovation includes a beautiful chapel and a spacious gathering room for meetings and prayer groups.  The sisters at Casa Santa Teresita want their new home to be a place of welcome and a house of prayer.

 Regional Leadership

Sisters Rusbi Aldana and Inés Albizures

Sister Rusbi Aldana
(Regional Leader--standing)
and Sister Inés Albizures
(Assistant Regional Leader)

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