Prayer for Peace



U.S. Province

St. Francis and friendsA Reflection for the Feast of Saint Francis

Our world is full of noise and bustle; many of us live in one-hour increments, shuttling to and from activities, interacting more and more with technology and less and less with others. It is difficult to see the mystical meaning in a leaf, make time to go to a mountain trail or look away from our phone to notice the dewdrop.

Called from his life of wealth, privilege, excitement, and parties to one of simplicity, peace, prayer, and connection with the natural world, Saint Francis provides a model for us. As we celebrate and remember Francis’ love of the earth, care for animals, commitment to the poor and sick, let us use today as an invitation to consider how we might make space, as Francis did, for simplicity, peace, prayer, an nature in our lives.

The great spiritual leaders have consistently taught us that peace is an inside job. By cultivating peace in ourselves, we can become instruments of God’s peace in the world.