Prayer for Peace


Assisi Province, South IndiaJune

Assisi Province, South India

Loving Lord, our hearts are crying for peace in the world.  We hold in confidence and prayer the collective suffering of our world at this time of the pandemic.  Send forth the breath of your Spirit to blow out the dust of delusions and fill our hollow hearts again with peace.  Shower on us the peace that Jesus promised to his disciples and make us steady pillars for those around us.  In this time of uncertainty and epidemic, wake us up to the reminder that we are not alone.  Give us new eyes of faith, new voices of hope and new hearts to love.  We pray for Mother Earth, that she may recover from the exhaustion and devastation we have caused her to suffer.  May we discover from nature how to resist this coronavirus and how to renew ourselves and our lifestyles while we restore the beauty and diversity of God’s Creation.  May we all realize the serenity and splendor of your dwelling among us.  Amen.