Prayer for Peace

South India Province



South India Province

Lord Almighty God,

You are the sovereignty of love, peace and unity.
May your peace strengthen me to be the beacon of hope for the hopeless.

When I am lonely,
            may your solace provide me with your assurance of companionship.
When I am in trouble and confusion,
            may your serenity enfold me.
When my tensions and turmoil disturb me,
            may your fire transform me into a spark of your light.

When secularism and terrifying situations surrounds us,
            may your compassion enrich us to be gentle and patient.
When we are in the midst communal disharmony,
            may your divine presence enable us to be powerful.

When we feel powerless,
           may your love, peace and unity abide in us to deepen within us your divine bond.
May your vision enable us to see the things around us.