Prayer for Peace


International Leadership TeamMay

International Leadership Team

O God, I ask for peace.
Purify my eyes to see peace,
Purify my mind to understand peace,
Purify my heart to love peace,
Purify my memory to work for peace-
the peace that comes from your
love and compassion.

O God, sustain my vision of peace
following your inspiration.
You have many ways of revealing your
presence and love for humanity.
You are in dialogue with all.

Make me, O God, a sign of your peace,
living a life-in-dialogue with you
to understand your silence
and seek your peace-
in dialogue with myself,
in dialogue with others,
to move together in confidence with all,
and to ensure a peaceful Earth in dialogue with creation.

Give me, O God, the courage to build peace
in the midst of divisions and conflicts
with all people of sincere hearts
who believe in your peace, your love and compassion.


From the Philippines