Prayer for Peace



South India Province

Oh Lord, sometimes my insides feel like a battle zone, where missiles are falling too close to home.  Other times I’m caught in an endless storm, with thoughts flying out of control.  Confusion reigns, and defeat creeps in to steal my joy.  I need your peace – the deep-down-in-your-heart kind that stays with me day and night and speaks confidently into the wind.  Calm my anxious spirit, Lord; all the attacking “if-onlys” and “what-ifs” fill me with needless worry.

I know that trust is a big part of experiencing peace and that fear has no place in my life.  Most of the things I worry about or dread don’t even happen.  So I’m declaring my trust in you.  I’m releasing the reins of my life again and asking you to take control.  I may need to pray this same prayer daily, but I’m tired of the frenzy of life that leaves my schedule and my thoughts without any margin.  I need more of you, Lord, and less of me.