Prayer for Peace



North India ProvinceNorth India Province

Thank you, God, for giving the Prince of Peace, your son, to us—the restless human race.

Your peace is an ocean of deep surging that never dries; we dare to approach this great gift of your love.

Our human hearts are often filled with envy, hatred, and violence, but you are peace!

Give us hearts that are still, so that every fiber of our being will be soaked in the river of your peace.

The human race longs to see the face of a healer who will take away all confusion.

You are the fountain of peace. Under your gaze, may our society be enveloped in your peace.

Help us all to look beyond our narrow worlds. Help us to recognize your great human family as our own.

Accepting all differences and barriers, let us grow into the fullness of your peace.

Sister Navya Thattil, OSF