Prayer for Peace


South India Province

A Prayer for Peace When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

A Prayer for Peace When

You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Dear God,

Thank you for being the God who never sleeps.

Thank you for always being here for me,

even when I’m not always here for you.

Thank you that you are Love and that you want

the very best for me.

Thank you for your promises and that you never change.

I am feeling totally overwhelmed. Please help me.

Help me to rest in the fact that you know

what is best for me.

Forgive me for turning away from you and trying to

control the outcome in situations in my life.

The Bible says that you are not the God of

confusion but of peace.

Help me to rest in your love and feel the peace

which surpasses all understanding.

Help me to feel your love and comfort.

Help me to be still and know that you are God and

that you will take care of me, just like any loving parent

takes care of their children.

Your Word says to cast all of our anxiety on you

because you care for us.

I turn all of my burdens and concerns over to you.

Please guide my every step and help me to be

attentive to your loving direction.