Prayer for Peace

ULAF Region



ULAF Region


Jesus, guide us to search and build peace through the practice of justice, compassion and by defending life, given that justice, life and peace are inseparable.

You have inspired us with your beatitudes to a spirituality of peace and non violence and you invite us to say no to injustice, revenge, abuse of power and to weapons.

Holy Spirit, help us to say yes to the efforts put forth for an alternative society, to an option for life.  May we be witnesses of peace and non violence, may we go through the world loving with the tenderness and compassion of Jesus who proclaims the truth at the cost of His own life, who bravely denounces human exploitation, who never has any rancor but forgives and calls for reconciliation and calls us to build a just society where everyone has a place. Amen.

(Fragments from the book of, Espiritualidad desde América Latina, written by Fernando Bermúdez)