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European Province

European ProvincePraise through time.

Everything that is owes its existence to you.
Everything has received you as a brother through your incarnation, Son of God.
One of us you are, who lives with us and dies for us, conquering death.
This happened once, for all time.
Christ yesterday, we believe in you.

In our midst now is your home.
In our today you want to live with us, today you want to stand by us in our need.
Today you help us with our salvation.
Into your mission you take us.
In your spirit we work for peace and justice.
Christ today, we love you and follow you.

Lovingly you come to us every day, so that our world may become the Kingdom of God, until you come in glory at the end.
To judge and to save you want your world, so that we, united with you in the Holy Spirit, may live with the with the Father in blessedness.

Christ in eternity, praise and thanks be to you!

Paul Werner Schule


International Leadership Team

International Leadership Team

Dear God, we ask you for the grace

to have a simple heart,

to have patience,

to struggle and work for justice,

to be merciful,

to work for peace,

to sow peace, and not war and discord. 

Lead us through your grace on the way that brings happiness, the way that leads to blessedness.

This prayer is adapted from a homily Pope Francis gave when he visited Sarajevo in 2015.

U.S. Province

United States ProvincePrayer for the Decade of Nonviolence

I bow to the sacred in all creation.
May my sprit fill the world with beauty and wonder.
May my mind seek truth with humility and openness.
May my heart forgive without limit.
May my love for friend, enemy, and outcast be without measure.
May my needs be few and my living simple.
May my actions bear witness to the suffering of others.
May my hands never harm a living being.
May my steps stay on the journey of justice.
May my tongue speak for those who are poor without fear of the powerful.
May my prayers rise with patient discontent until no child is hungry.
May my life's work be a passion for peace and nonviolence.
May my soul rejoice in the present moment.
May my imagination overcome death and despair with new possibility.
And may I risk reputation, comfort, and security to bring this hope to the children.

- Mary Lou Kownacki, OSB

ULAF RegionULAF Region

God of love, give us a heart full of peace that reaches all people and do not allow us to forget that we are ambassadors of peace in this world.  Help us understand that inner peace cannot be found just because one desires it.  Peace is a measure of power in our daily need.  Peace is a consciousness that arises from springs so deep that earthly droughts cannot exhaust.  Peace is a gift.  It is not the result of willpower but of spiritual hospitality.  Give us, Lord, the gift of peace to be the true instruments of peace and love.  Amen. "


European Province


“Loving God, we watch and listen to the news full of inner turmoil. We wish for peace in North Africa and the Middle East and other conflict regions of the Earth. We are depressed because our power is so small and ask ourselves: Is there really anything we do? Lift us up so that we do not despair. Strengthen us, God, on our journey to peace. Let us say and do what is right. Transform our powerlessness into loving care and help us find the right words. Unleash in us your spirit of love and reconciliation so that we may become instruments of your peace. Amen.”

St. Francis Province, North India

“Peace  I leave  with  you,  my  peace  I give  to  you. I  do not give to you as  the  world  gives.
Do not let  your  hearts be troubled, and  do not let them be  afraid” ([John – 14 : 27).


O  Lord  our God, creation sings your majesty. Every  good  things  comes  from you. You are ever faithful to hear us and  answer  our prayers. Dear  God, our  world  is  hurting  and  broken. We  know that in whatever we  face,  you are our  peace and refuge, and a very present help in times of trouble. O Lord, order the course of this world in peace, that your church may joyfully serve you extending  your peace to everyone. O blessed Jesus may there be peace in me, in our home, in our society and in our world. Help us to find the good in every person you place in our lives and on our paths, so that we may always strive to remain in peace with everyone. We ask you to fill our world with your peace in order to help your  children to live in harmony and love. Let your peace heal the broken world, drive   away hatred and evil and spread your peaceful and Godly presence everywhere.  Amen.