Foundress Day Appeal

Spring 2019

Artwork - Hand planting seedsPlanting Seeds

Strong in faith, our foundresses confidently walked toward a vision of peace, justice and love. Responding to the Gospel’s call to work toward restoring a broken world, they planted seeds of hope, compassion and love. Today, those seeds continue to bear abundant fruit through our missions that cultivate education, health care, social work and pastoral ministries throughout India, Latin America, and the United States.

Bearing Fruit

As we celebrate the founding of our community, we also celebrate our partners in mission whose support has sustained our fruit-bearing efforts for the past 145 years. Joined with our sisters’ service, your generous giving bears much greater power and effectiveness in ministering to others than either of us can do alone. Our partnership multiplies the fruit-bearing gifts we share with the poor, vulnerable, and marginalized around us.

It’s not enough to bear fruit, we must share that fruit with others
so they can be blessed and strengthened by the Kingdom of God.

As we begin our 146th year of mission, we ask for your continued support. Together, the seeds we plant will produce abundant fruit that transforms the lives of many people struggling at the margins of society. Your gift will nurture strong fruit branches…missions that are spread around the world.

Sharing that Fruit with others


Fruit of Hope...Education. Your gift is a beacon of hope, giving children and teenagers an education that empowers their future.

Our sisters don’t just educate within the walls of schools, but also through the way they live their lives. In Bicchia, India, young girls from remote villages live at Maria Sadan hostel. Having this safe home-away-from-home provides them a pathway to higher education. In Guatemala, children of all ages live at Los Hogares orphanage where their basic needs are cared for. Young children grow in knowledge at primary and secondary schools, while teens are taught vocational skills to promote self-reliance and enable them to earn a living.

Fruit of Compassion…Healthcare and Social Justice. Your gift is an instrument of healing and peace that restores human dignity and promote justice and equality.

Living their Franciscan values, our sisters practice healing that enhances physical, mental, and spiritual wellness at every life stage. At Rieti Center in San Marcos, Guatemala, hundreds of impoverished people are healed from depression, fear, and grief through holistic counseling. On the El Paso, Texas-Juárez, Mexico border, our sisters help to heal immigrant families affected by violence, connecting through monthly deliveries of food staples and other outreach efforts.

Fruit of Love…Care of our Sisters. Your gift is an offering of gratitude for sisters’ past contributions, as well as their current ministries of prayer and presence.

Our sisters around the world never truly retire. After years of sowing seeds and faithfully serving those in need, they continue serving their neighbors through prayer, hospitality and volunteer service ministries. Their communal living environment honors their need for personal contemplation, prayer, and community interaction. Compassionately cared for, our elder sisters are provided a full continuum of respectful healthcare.

Make a Gift buttonTogether, the harvest is sure to be abundant. Please prayerfully consider a gift to help continue planting seeds that we can harvest together. Your gift will bear the fruit of joy for our retired sisters, as well as countless women, children and families. We lift a prayer that your life is filled with love, joy and a bountiful harvest.

With grateful hearts,


Sister Mary Diez                             Pam Mueller
President                                         Director of Mission Advancement