Foundress Day Appeal

Spring 2021

Hope grounded in the belief that there is a path opening into the future.

Acting on their deep trust in God and the strength of their inner spirit, three courageous women in religious dress left their homeland of Germany and began their journey of hope to start a new religious community open to all people. With firm courage and much trust in God, they sailed to the United States to share Christ’s mission, where they began to educate in parish schools.

Our foundresses’ journey of hope expanded to 18 countries as they continued to respond to the needs of the time over the decades. Living their faith with joy and a sense of wonder, our sisters’ path of service has brought hope to countless people served through many health care, social advocacy, and pastoral ministries. Even today, our presence continues to extend to wherever the need arises, most recently into Tanzania in Africa.

The poor will continue to lead us to the heart of our mission, and indeed, to the very heart of God.     

Our sisters today carry forward the creativity, compassion, and courage of our foundresses. By stepping out courageously from comfortable confines and being open to new encounters, we open up a path of hope. Entering into dialogue, attentively listening, and offering assistance to people in need, we learn how to respond to current needs and renew our mission focus, centered on what God is calling us to do.

God continues to work using our hands.

Our actions are bringing the Word of God to the very poor at our newest missions, giving them hope, love, joy, and a sense of dignity. Through the Sisters Program South initiative in Milwaukee, women victimized by sex trafficking receive healthy meals and a safe place to rest. At St. Francis Convent in Kharkutta, India, girls with few resources are given access to education and receive holistic care and guidance from our sisters. At Assisi Clinic in Kanjikode, India, terminally ill people with limited means and nowhere else to turn receive palliative care and comfort. Our Chapel Garden Apartments project will soon transform more of St. Joseph Center in Milwaukee into affordable housing for seniors and others.

Where there is hope, hearts are gladded and strengthened, so they can face tomorrow.

As our partner in mission, you have walked with us on a journey of hope. That journey provides access to education, works to alleviate poverty, advocates for social justice, and cares for older sisters who gave decades of faithful service.

We invite you to continue with us on this journey of hope by making a donation today.

We have heard many of you say that your partnership with us has strengthened your faith and inspired you on your own journey of hope. Your gift today will also strengthen the faith and give hope to the many people whose lives are served through our ministries.

Together, our journey of hope will bring us closer to a world transformed through peace, justice and love.

With hope-filled hearts,

Sister Mary Diez                             Pam Mueller
President                                         Director of Mission Advancement 

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