Basic Human Needs


Asha BhavanAsha Bhavan, Carmelaram, India

The 24 elderly and abandoned women who live at Asha Bhavan (House of Hope) in Carmelaram need constant medical care to survive. Many of the women are bedridden, mentally challenged, or extremely fragile in mind and spirit after having been abandoned by their families. Our sisters provide that care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The facility also provides special nursing, medicine, and loving, compassionate care while treating each woman with dignity. The yearly cost of care is $11,656.




Goreghat Mission - Jabalpur, IndiaGoreghat Mission, Jabalpur, India

On an average day, more than 50 patients visit the dispensary of Goreghat Mission in Jabalpur, Madhya Prahesh, to receive free medicine and medical care. The patients treated at the clinic, which is staffed by one of our sisters, are extremely poor tribal people who have no access to hospitals or funds to seek treatment elsewhere. To meet the needs of so many patients, the mission needs another nurse and funds to help with the cost of providing medicine to patients free of charge. The cost to fund this mission is $5,100. 




Casa AlexiaCasa Alexia Mission on the Border, El Paso Texas

For 110 families living in underdeveloped and impoverished neighborhoods in Juarez, Mexico, our sisters’ monthly deliveries of food staples are a nutritional lifeline. The families we serve have limited access to income or health care. In addition, our sisters offer sacramental preparation for children and visit refugees who are confined to detention centers. The cost to sustain these three programs is $12,500.




RietiOasis Franciscano Rieti, San Marcos, Guatemala

Hundreds of impoverished people in San Marcos who cannot afford medical care receive holistic healing services each month at Oasis Franciscano Reiti. Our sisters offer psychological and spiritual counseling, natural medicines, and physical therapy. Few people can afford to pay even the low prices suggested for services and medicine. The cost to maintain a medicinal garden and greenhouse, purchase medicines, and administer the center is $108,000 annually.

The center also would like to add is also looking to add BEMER physical vascular therapy capability. This therapy, which encourages healthy blood flow and the body’s ability to self-heal, will attract new clientele with the ability to pay for care, increasing the center’s profitability and ability to subsidize the care of at-risk patients. The cost of equipment, necessary accessories, and therapist training is $70,000.


Hogares Santa Maria de GuadalupeHogares Santa Maria de Guadalupe, Santa Apolonia, Guatemala

The roof of the children’s home, where our sisters meet the needs of 42 orphaned and abandoned children and teens, is deteriorating due to water damage, which also threatens the integrity of the rest of the structure. By making a one-time repair of the roof and replacing the ceiling sheets, the home will be able to provide safe and well-lit shelter in the children’s dining room and living room, the medical and dental clinics, and the older boys’ house. The cost for these critical repairs is $46,216.