Clean Water and Clean Energy


St. Francis Convent Primary School, Chekanurani, India
The 500 students attending the St. Francis Convent Primary School in Chekanurani, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, who have no access to clean water. Polluted water is affecting the health of the children and sisters causing hair loss, itching skin, and overall poor health. Installing a water purifier would filter out the calcium that is destroying pipes and letting bacteria from the soil contaminate the water. The cost of a water purifier is $2,800.


Formation HouseFormation House, Prakash Bhavan, India
20 young women living at our formation house in Prakash Bhavan are discerning their vocation to become School Sisters of St. Francis. An affordable fuel source is needed so these women can cook their meals. A bio-gas plant will produce enough fuel for cooking, reduce the high cost of firewood, and decrease air pollution. The gas is virtually free, since it is generated by composting organic material. The cost of the bio-gas plant is $2,300.