Pastoral Ministry Network

Pastoral Ministry Network Committee June 2016The School Sisters of St. Francis Pastoral Ministry Network exists to connect sisters and associates serving in

  • Ministries of word, sacrament and liturgy
  • Pastoral care
  • Faith community leadership
  • Chaplaincy
  • Spiritual direction

Since 1978, the network has helped sisters and associates respond to the demand for professionalism in these ministries, and to examine issues affecting ministry and the life and work of the Church.

Network membership was intended originally for School Sisters of St. Francis and associates engaged in these ministries (whether paid or as volunteers), but all interested persons are welcomed as members. Click here for a printable membership form to join the Pastoral Ministry Network.

Brief History

Sisters began meeting in 1972 to examine the needs of our community’s pastoral ministers and their place in the Church. After several ministry-related gatherings, Sister Joann Brdecka and other sisters in pastoral ministries collaborated with Alverno College to convene the “Telesis Seminar on Religious Education & Pastoral Ministries” in June 1978. At the end of that seminar, the Sisters formally established the Pastoral Ministry Network.


Sister Ruth Brings in her pastoral ministryOur Goals

  • Identify sisters and associates as pastoral ministers, both to ourselves and to the larger community.


  • Recognize outstanding members through the Joann Brdecka Award for Pioneering in Pastoral Ministry.
    • Provide opportunities for network members to share our experiences in ministry, our faith, and our theological vision, and to engage in ongoing dialogue with other professionals in the field.


  • Encourage professional preparation for pastoral ministries.


  • Make a corporate impact on the structure of the Church by:
    • Helping laity grow in participation in the ministry of Christ;
    • Articulating a vision of how various ministries fit into the pastoral mission of the Church.


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