U.S. Province Leadership Statement on Gun Violence

As the Leadership Team of the U.S. Province of the School Sisters of St. Francis, and impelled by the current tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, we affirm our commitment to the gospel stance of peace and nonviolence.

Our charism of giving, healing, and defending life directs us to stop the proliferation and trafficking of guns and the accessibility of assault weapons. Informed by prayerful reflection on the signs of our time, we now join with others in calling for a ban on civilian ownership of assault weapons and for comprehensive background checks on all persons purchasing guns. We appeal to all Congressional leaders and the President of the United States.

Special interest groups, such as the lobbyists for the National Rifle Association, work in opposition to the common good, where the benefit of all beckons us to speak for the most vulnerable among us, especially children.

We continue to pray for all those who are impacted by gun violence and that our elected leaders take action to end this needless suffering.