Awakening to God and Nature

By Valerie J. Christell, Alfons Gallery Curator

“Natural Inspirations,” Alfons Gallery’s current virtual/online show, presents Kelly Thorn Dulka’s colored pencil and gold/silver leaf drawings influenced by aspects of nature.

Kelly’s works have a distinct connection to our community. “My works are about nature,” she shared. “I love nature; it makes me feel connected to God. What I produce is inspired by the relationship between nature and God.”

The concept behind one of Kelly’s pieces, The Awakening, is particularly relevant at this time.  She explained that it speaks to humankind’s struggles in terms of “birthing” new ideas against a backdrop of good and evil in a constantly changing world.

This large-scale drawing is rife with symbols.  Kelly described that the black-brown and white striped sea snakes, “ascending,” speak to good and evil; a circle in the sky represents God as the circle has no beginning or end; and the tiny square enclosing that circle references the “boxing in” of God’s omnipotence “as humanity tries to define its Creator.” 

Kelly’s introspective comments about all of her artwork in this exhibit can be found in her individual narratives for each located on Alfons Gallery’s “Natural Inspirations” webpage. We hope you’ll enjoy observing and reading about Kelly’s inspirations through this virtual exhibit on our website,