Cabinet Card Collection

This collection of late-Victorian cabinet cards came from the School Sisters of St. Francis Motherhouse in Erlenbad, Germany in 2019.

Cabinet cards were a form of popular portrait photography at the end of the 19th century, and many people used them to send pictures of themselves to friends and family. It is believed that these are portraits of the earliest members of the School Sisters of St. Francis who emigrated from Germany to join the congregation and sent photos back home once they were received into the community.

Unfortunately, the photos are not labeled, so the names of these early pioneering sisters are not known. Do you recognize someone? If you think you have information about any of these sisters, please contact the School Sisters of St. Francis Archives at or by calling 414-944-6031.


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Below are some additional portraits of known sisters found in the Archive’s files. Half of these sisters were born in the U.S. and the rest emigrated from Europe, but they all kept their cabinet cards as mementos of their early days.

Josepha Loewel

Sister Josepha Loewel

Hyacintha Gremminger

Sister Hyacintha Gremminger

Emmanuel Vennewitz (right), Angela (left) Ignatius (seated), Cross and Son

Sisters Emmanuel Vennewitz (right), Angela (left) Ignatius (seated)

Pacifica Bongard

Sister Pacifica Bongard

Josephine Sausen

Sister Josephine Sausen

Simeona Mock

Sister Simeona Mock