Nonviolent Living

The international Nonviolence and Just Peace Conference held last year noted that “as Christians committed to a more just and peaceful world, we are called to take a clear stand for creative and active nonviolence and against all forms of violence.” Our Justice and Peace Office’s Nonviolent Living Committee is committed to taking this creative and necessary action, and welcomes your gifts, talents and creativity as we strive to achieve this goal.

Walking in the footsteps of our patron, St. Francis of Assisi, who sought to be an instrument of peace, sowing light where there is darkness, we invite you to join our community members, who “claim our identity as prophets of hope, committing ourselves to nonviolent living and peace-filled interactions.” (Living the Congregational Direction)

One of the committee’s focus areas is the way we speak to one another every day. We’ve undertaken educational initiatives to increase awareness of intentional use of language, and spotlighted the ways that how we communicate and use words can promote a just and respectful living and working environment. Many people are surprised at how easy it is to unintentionally use words that are violent or have racist implications. They also may not realize that the way they communicate with persons with disabilities can be perceived as demeaning or upsetting. By raising awareness, we hope to encourage interactions that promote understanding, dignity, and respect.


Learn More About Nonviolent Living

These organizations offer information and perspectives about nonviolent living from the perspective of Catholic social teaching. We commend them to you for study and reflection as you consider your response to challenging issues like peaceful resistance, just war theory, and terrorism.

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Catholic Nonviolence Initiative

An initiative of Pax Christi International and other partners “to build support for integrating Gospel nonviolence throughout the Church, to develop resources, and to be at the service of the Church as it explores the development of innovative Church teaching on nonviolence and just peace.” Features videos, webinars, articles, reflections and other resource materials.

Pace e Bene

Pace e Bene, (Italian for “Peace and All Good) is a “long-term movement to build a culture of peace and nonviolence free from war, poverty, racism, the climate crisis, and the epidemic of violence and injustice.” This independent, nondenominational organization presents speakers, workshops, and books to engage and challenge audiences.

Mark Your Calendar: Raise Awareness of Nonviolent Living

Check this section frequently for updates on events related to peacemaking, nonviolent living, and opportunities to reduce injustice and increase understanding.

January 1: World Day of Peace

June 2: Gun Violence Awareness Day

September 21-24: Gun Violence Awareness Week