Why I am a Sister


Sister Kathy Braun

“Religious life is a wonderful ride, full of surprises. You have the freedom to accompany people where ever  they are. Your life moves from one adventure to another without any sense of design, until, like a piece of fabric…when you turn it over you see the beautifully stitched canvas.”

Sister Kathy Braun

Sister Rose Mack


“Looking back over the past 100 years of life, I have no regrets. I relied on God to get me through 85 years of ministry. It never occurred to me to quit. Once you make a commitment, you stick with it. It’s all been a blessing.”

 Sr. Rose Mack

Sister Patricia McCarthy

“We know we are not alone. As a Franciscan community, we are all connected…from the planets, to the trees, to the lakes, and to all our brothers and sisters, especially the poor. This is what gives us hope…what spurs us on to help build a better world.”

 Sr. Pat McCarthy

Sister Madelyn Gould
“As a woman religious I enjoy being a positive role model and leader in the church. At a time when many are leaving the church, I feel called to help the Church be the face of Jesus in our world. For any woman who feels a call to enter religious life, I would enthusiastically say, “Give it a try!” This is the most exciting thing I can do with my life!”

Sister Madelyn Gould

Sister Larina Williams
“My 61 years in religious life have been filled with graces all around. The sisters I live with exude an inner joy and happiness that lights up my day. Anyone considering a vocation today will find life most rewarding if they enter for the right reasons and are capable of making a lifelong commitment.”

Sr. Larina Williams

Sister Jane Elyse Russell


“Looking back I am truly happy I chose religious life. It’s an excellent way to grow in intimacy with God because the sisterhood provides lifetime support in sustaining an ever-deepening spirituality. In choosing religious life, you gain so much more than you give.”
Sr. Jane Elyse Russell
Sister Mary Carroll
“It is up to each one of us to search out where, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can best respond to the call. I am happy and grateful for the grace of a heart choice that was free. I do wish that for other women. With the words of Mary’s Magnificat, I can truly say, “He who is mighty has done great things for me.”

Sr. Mary Carroll


Sister Barbara Jean Goertz“Every School Sister of St. Francis I’ve met has been genuinely joyful and full of life. I’m excited to be a School Sister of St. Francis because we represent hope for our troubled world.”

Sr. Barbara Goertz

Sister Maureen Jerkowski
“I view the world through the lens of being a School Sister of St. Francis and a woman of faith, making a difference in the lives and needs of those who are poor.”

Sr. Maureen Jerkowski