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During the COVID-19 pandemic, our sisters are collaborating with other congregations of women and men religious and the local archdiocese to distribute life-saving provisions to families in need around Bhopal, India.

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Learning from History

By Eva Stefanski, Archivist

Often in times of great trial, we look back at history and wonder about the challenges others have faced before us. Archivists for congregations of women religious across the country have been receiving requests for information on how the sisters prevailed during the 1918 flu pandemic, the largest and deadliest pandemic in recorded history.

Are there things that history can teach us? What comfort can come from the stories of those in the community that have tread this path before? When I looked in the Archives for any information on the 1918 pandemic, what I discovered was surprising. The School Sisters of St. Francis have survived this ordeal not just once, but many times before.

Today, we can take comfort in the resilience of this community and the message of history: Whatever challenges arise, the sisters will overcome.

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  • By embracing the Lord, we embrace hope that is the strength of faith which frees us from fear and gives us hope. (Sister Norma Pimentel, MJ)
  • Each morning blesses us with time and space to be attentive to all that is new this day. (Sister Stanislaus Kennedy)
  • As a mediator of justice, Christ will care for the weak and needy: “A bruised reed He shall not break.” (Isaiah 42:3)
  • Prayer is an opening of the heart that takes us beyond our limited rational mind, beyond the ego, beyond the transc…
  • Pray, then let go. Then let God handle the rest.
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In India, the School Sisters of St. Francis have served those in need since the 1930s. In October 2015, the School Sisters of St. Francis’ Assisi Province in southern India launched a new mission to Tanzania.

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