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Even in a Pandemic, Life is Good

By Sister Marian Abing

My morning prayer has always included a daily online reading from Father Richard Rohr.  Interestingly, he seldom writes about this pandemic and how it might impact our prayers.

Ordinarily, dying is not a subject I meditate on most mornings. Instead, I usually begin my day with prayers of thanksgiving and of praise to God for blessing me, our community, and my family. 

But the news during this past year has certainly brought death into my prayers as never before. And when I learned last spring that some of our sisters had died with COVID-19, I certainly pondered and prayed about this terrifying disease. 

Now in my verbal prayers and meditation, I think often of the scariness of this pandemic, the huge numbers of people infected, and my own mortality and vulnerability at this time of my life.

You can read the full article in our Media Room.

  • May this year’s Lenten desert experience, through the pandemic, transform us into that kingdom Jesus came to create…
  • If we share our bread with the hungry, keep God’s day holy and follow God’s way, we will be richly blessed. (Fr. Edward Eschweiler)
  • Lenten disciplines are meant to dispose us to God’s grace, namely, to see ourselves as God sees us. (James Kennedy, SJ)
  • Jesus affirms that fasting is a way of humbling ourselves before God and an aide to prayer. This Lent, what kind of fasting have I chosen?
  • The path of obedience to God leads to life; the path of disobedience leads to death. Choose life! (Deut. 11:26)

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