Sisters Shine Spotlight on Immigration Questions

February 25—At the invitation of the School Sisters of St. Francis’ Justice and Peace Office, attorney Barbara Graham, Director of Immigration Legal Services for Catholic Charities Milwaukee, provided sisters and guests from throughout the Milwaukee area with an informative overview of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for immigrants.

Speaking in St. Joseph Hall on Sunday, February 25, Ms. Graham shared details about the huge impact TPS holders have on the American economy and society, and what happens when a country’s TPS designation is terminated.

The topic is both a timely one and of great interest, since last month, the Trump Administration terminated the Temporary Protected Status designation for El Salvador, impacting more than 260,000 Salvadoran TPS holders. They now have 12-18 months to remain in the United States and plan for their repatriation.

Ms. Graham identified which countries currently have TPS, and discussed factors that are typically considered when designating, extending, or re-designating a country for TPS. She also outlined how TPS complements asylum and refugee status

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