Sister Beth Lyman

Sister Beth LymanAs Sister Beth reflects on her 70 years as a School Sister of St. Francis, she has a difficult time believing all that God has asked of her and allowed her to do.

She thinks back to the time when she was in the third grade and knew that she wanted to be a sister. She persevered in her desire, and when she was a junior in high school, she left her family home in Minneapolis and traveled to Milwaukee where she finished her last year and graduated from St. Joseph Convent High School.  She went on to study at Alverno College, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in education. 

Her first teaching experiences were in the primary grades. Sister Beth enjoyed her time with young children, and they appreciated the excellent teacher that she was. 

When Sister Beth moved to Rockford, Illinois, she was the coordinator for our retired sisters at Maria Linden for many years. Her next move brought her to Milwaukee, where she served in personal services to the sisters living at St. Joseph Convent. Finally, she ministered as secretary to the provincial of the Carmelite Fathers.                         

Sister Beth said that she would not be where she is in life, especially regarding her education and spiritual development, had she not joined the School Sisters of St. Francis.  She has lived with small groups of sisters and in larger houses over the years, and she has found there are many joys in her relationships with the sisters and the people to whom she ministered. Life has provided her with many good and memorable experiences, and she is grateful for all that has been, and open to accepting all that will be. Happy 70th Jubilee, Sister Beth!