Georgene Luser

Georgene LuserGeorgene Luser has admired the School Sisters of St. Francis since the day she first met them at Pius XI High School. To her, the sisters were outstanding educators and very warm and caring teachers. She said it was like “a breath of fresh air” when she started her classes at Pius.

It was at Pius that she met Sister Alphonsa Puls who became her best friend. They remained in close contact for the rest of their lives, and Georgene still remembers the last time they talked just before Sister Alphonsa’s death 25 years ago.

Another close friend is Sister Noel Le Claire with whom Georgene spent a summer in Kentucky in the 1970s. Georgene chose her as her contact sister when she became an associate in 1974.  Georgene calls Sister Noel “a beautiful soul” and they have kept in contact even after Georgene moved to Phoenix in the early 1990s.

When she moved to Arizona, Georgene became connected to the sisters living in the southwest. She touched many lives through her generous hospitality, volunteering, transporting people, inviting them to her home, having phone visits, going to gatherings, and helping in any way that was needed.

In recent years, Georgene has developed some serious spine issues, shoulder problems, and is coping with severe pain. Although she can no longer attend School Sisters of St. Francis gatherings, she reads everything that comes to her and is continually inspired by the community and all the friends she has met over these 50 years. Georgene will always be grateful for this honor.