St. Joseph Appeal

 St. Joseph Feast of St. Joseph 2020

Practicing hospitality is something we all do from time to time. Many times, it’s simply as a willingness to open our door to serve a meal, offer a bed, or entertain guests, especially for our personal friends.

Since 1874, our sisters have embraced a deeper understanding of hospitality, one that extends to all of God’s people in need, especially strangers. As Dorothy Day expressed, hospitality is not just shelter. It is opening ourselves—our very hearts—to the needs of others.

Grateful for the example of St. Joseph, who inspires our congregation’s practice of hospitality, we celebrate his feast day in March with our Joseph Bowls Supper fundraiser to help feed the hungry. Yet the hospitality practiced by our community each day, all year round, responds to other types of hunger as well.

Today, we ask for your continued partnership in practicing all-embracing hospitality that addresses the hungers that go beyond food and shelter. By supporting our global ministries, you serve those less fortunate who also yearn for access to education, for healing from illness, and to be treated with respect and dignity.

While helping the most vulnerable, your gift will also provide care for our retired sisters who, for decades, served the Lord’s people as educators, healers, and advocates for justice. Today, they continue to serve through their ministry of prayer and presence.

One person can make a difference. By making a financial gift today, you are that person! Your generous act will transform each life we touch Make a Giftwith compassion and dignity. United in prayer, let us rejoice with those who rejoice, mourn with those who mourn, and choose to live in harmony with one another.



Sister Mary Diez            Pam Mueller
President                        Director of Mission Advancement

Information on Joseph Bowls Supper Fundraiser