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As our sisters look forward to the Feast of St. Joseph on March 19, we take time to prayerfully reflect on our
patron saint, just as our congregation has for the past 149 years. We admire the way Joseph quietly cared for
his Holy Family, faithfully serving God, and all of those who surrounded him. Joseph let his hands carry
out the work of God. Today, following his example, God works through our hands in providing care of the
person and meeting the basic human needs of those both near and far.

Very close to home, we have been able to provide much needed affordable housing through the transformation
of our Motherhouse, allowing us to serve both the young and old right in our home. In El Paso, we continue
to live and work with the most marginalized of society, often forgotten by others, helping provide safe living
conditions, meals for their families, books for the children, and so much more. Around the world, thousands
of young people have access to education. In India, children with disabilities, who would otherwise be unable
to leave their homes, are living, learning, and thriving with our sisters’ help. And it is our sacred trust and
honor to care for our sisters in retirement after they have spent a lifetime caring for others. All of this is done
thanks to our generous support.

Following in the image of St. Joseph, we quietly make a difference both here at home and around the world.
As foundress, Mother Alexia, often said, “St. Joseph you are the one who can help.” Through his intercession
and our continued prayers to him, he has brought us together! You are truly the one enabling us to continue
meeting the basic human needs of so many people.

As we look forward to celebrating the Feast of St. Joseph, we hope you will prayerfully consider a gift.
Together, we will live in his vision and quietly carry out the good work of God.



Sister Deborah Fumagalli            Pam Mueller
President                                      Director of Mission Advancement

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