We’re Celebrating Our Gratitude!



In a special way during the month of November, the School Sisters of St. Francis are expressing our deep appreciation to all those who make it possible for our sisters to carry out our ministries each day.

Your generous support is transforming lives 365 days a year. Our sisters around the world are excited for you to see for yourself how your prayers and financial gifts “Make a Forever Difference” every day!

We invite you to enjoy these short video messages from our missions and retired sisters around the world. They offer a glimpse of the life-changing impact of your generosity on the lives of those we serve.

Thank you for your partnership, and for being such a blessing to our community!


Our Sisters Say Thanks!

We want to share our gratitude with you in our own words! Please take a moment to watch these brief, heartfelt messages of thanks from our sisters all around the world.








We will be sharing more of our sisters’ messages throughout the month, so please check back each week to learn about more ways that you are making a forever difference!


Our Prayer for You

Your partnership in mission means the world to us! That is why one of our sisters has prepared this special prayer for all those who support the faithful service of our international congregation.

Prayer for Donors

Gracious, loving, generous, and nurturing God: We are grateful for your presence in our lives. We experience your presence through the graciousness and care of one another.   

We are grateful for those who journey with us to BE your presence in our lives and in the lives of so many.  Our partners in mission open their hearts, share their time, and are generous with their resources – all for the good of others – providing basic needs and helping others to realize quality of life.  

We ask you to bless our partners in mission for their generosity of time, talent, and resources.  We ask you to bless them for their spirit of hospitality.

To God, whose love, power, gentleness, strength, generosity, kindness within us can do more than we can ever ask for or imagine.  Amen

~  Sister Nancy A. Sell, OSF

On behalf of our sisters, and all those with whom they minister to make a forever difference, we again say “Thank You!”
If you feel called at this time to make an additional gift in support of our sisters work, we invite you to use our secure online donation form.