We’re Celebrating Our Gratitude!

During the month of November, the School Sisters of St. Francis are expressing our deep appreciation to YOU because YOU are the key to making a forever difference!
Although we cannot yet gather in person with our friends and supporters to express that gratitude, our sisters are delighted to be able to connect with you right here in a new way this year! 

keyYou’re the Key to Making a Forever Difference!

Through your prayers and generous support, you have sustained our sisters’ faith-filled work in every province and region around the world in exciting ways. The video above will give you a chance to see some of the many ways you make our ministries possible today, and every day!

Our Sisters Say Thanks!

Our sisters want to share our  gratitude with you in our own words! We invite you to watch these short messages of thanks from our sisters all around the world.

Press the CC button in the video above for English translation.

We will be sharing more of our sisters’ messages throughout the month, so please check back each week to learn about more ways that you are the key to making a forever difference!

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Our Prayer for You

Your partnership in mission means the world to us! That is why one of our sisters has prepared this special prayer for all those who support the faithful service of our international congregation.

A Prayer for Sisters and Donors Together

O God, you join us together as your friends so that, as one, we may praise you by our lives.

We can serve you in your people when we are together. Some of us can work directly with the people and some of us can support those who do that work.

Unite us in love for your favorites—those whose needs we can see and those whose needs are hidden but who seem blessed with all kinds of good things.

However our lives appear, we thank you for your constant care of us. We thank you for giving us good things to share. We thank you for putting in our sight the persons with whom we can share. We thank you for your presence in those around us.

We thank you for your generosity in giving us healthy bodies to do your work, a beautiful earth to sustain us, thriving businesses to build up society, good minds to flourish spiritually, and openness to offer you these gifts.

We thank you for giving us to each other to inspire kindness.

Smile upon us as we offer you whatever gifts we can.

~  Sister Julia Rice

On behalf of our sisters, and all those with whom they minister to make a forever difference, we again say “Thank You!”
If you feel called at this time to make an additional gift in support of our sisters work, we invite you to use our secure online donation form.