Social Justice

Sisters Program South vanYou’ve taken the first step in supporting Social Justice, so please keep Movin’ 4 Missions by inviting your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors to sponsor your efforts!

This financial support will enable our sisters to address the many social justice needs that arise in our worldwide ministries.

Mother Alfons Schmid, co-foundress of the School Sisters of St. Francis, was fond of saying “The will of God is reflected in the needs of the times.” That tradition is alive and well today, nearly 150 years after the congregation’s founding. Our sisters continuously seek out opportunities to serve society’s poorest and most marginalized members.

The sisters did not have to look far when they witnessed the effects of the street-based sex trade on the neighborhood near their Milwaukee motherhouse. The sisters responded by co-founding the Benedict Center’s Sisters Program South collaborative, a multifaith initiative that provides counseling, support, and avenues for escape to women victimized by prostitution and sex trafficking. (Pictured at right)

At our Casa Alexia; Mission on the Border, our sisters offer pastoral comfort and advocate for humane treatment of the hundreds of detainees on the southwest border through weekly visits with families, children, men, and women.

In Bangalore, India, widowed and disabled women often are abandoned by their families and left to fend for themselves without food, shelter, or other resources. Our sisters responded by founding Asha Bhavan (“House of Hope”) where they take in these women and provide for their every need with loving care and dignity.