Greatest Needs of Our Worldwide Mission

You’ve taken the first step in supporting the Greatest Needs of the School Sisters of St. Francis’s Worldwide Mission, so please keep Movin’ 4 Missions by inviting your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors to sponsor your efforts!

Some of our most pressing needs include:

Oasis Franciscano Spirituality and Healing CenterGuadalupe Homes, Santa Apolonia, Guatemala
The children living at Guadalupe Homes, in Santa Apolonia, Guatemala, come from extremely poor backgrounds and have been homeless or abandoned prior to coming to the orphanage. They receive everything they need to become healthy, thriving children, including plenty of love.  The cost of care, however, continues to rise, and the sisters are grateful to you and to all those who help to provide a better life for these children.

Oasis Franciscano Spirituality and Healing Center, Rieti, Guatemala
The Oasis Franciscano Spirituality and Healing Center in Rieti facilitates healing through an integrated program based on Franciscan spirituality. It is located in the most impoverished part of Guatemala, near the Mexican border. Each year, the clinic serves 1,500 men, women, and children from newborns to patients in their 90s. Most are of Mayan descent and are suffering from physical and emotional ailments. (Pictured at right)

DePaul Primary School and Songea Parish, Tanzania
The School Sisters of St. Francis’ mission in Tanzania began in August 2014 and three of our sisters are now working in Songea and helping with parish activities; two are working at the congregation’s newly built formation house. Access to clean water and transportation are important needs for this mission. The sisters’ “wish list” includes the purchase of an all-wheel-drive vehicle that will be used in their mission’s work: transporting villagers for emergency and routine medical care, hauling educational materials and supplies from urban to remote locations, for formation activities, and for general mission-related work.

Living History Project, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
In preparation for our congregation’s 150th anniversary in 2024, we have begun our Living History Project, which brings light to the story of how the School Sisters of St. Francis transformed the world through education and other social services initiatives.  We hope to collect the stories of the day-to day lives and ministries of our members as they responded to God’s call and committed their lives to their vocation. From those stories, our archivist can design and display a web-based online exhibit to share with the public.

St. Francis Convent Co-Ed School, Bhopal, India
Founded two year ago in 2018, the St. Francis Convent Co-Ed School serves 120 children in kindergarten through third grade living in the outskirts of Bhopal, India. Because of an aging power grid, residents of this area experience thousands of blackouts. Solar panels would provide an uninterrupted source of electrical power and reduce the school’s electricity costs by a least $1,750 per year.  This school is just one of many schools needing solar panels to operate effectively and continue to provide an enriching educational experience.

These are just a few of the many urgent needs our worldwide ministries are experiencing. Our sisters also must prioritize items like food insecurity, the salaries of staff at our schools around the world, and the renovation of our St. Joseph Center motherhouse. The list of needs is long, but with your support, the gift of hope will be present to all those our sisters serve in 11 countries around the world.