Christmas Appeal

Reflect Christ's Light brightly so others can see their way out of the darkness

Christmas 2021

The light that shone brightly two thousand years ago in a manger is the same light that illuminates our world today. That light reaches the depths of our hearts and brings the assurance of God’s love to each of us.

With each step of our Advent journey, we are reminded of our call to reflect Christ’s radiant light to others. As we prepare to celebrate the Light that Came into the World, we invite you to continue to walk with us and reflect the light of God for all to see.

From the manger to our hearts, the Incarnation of Jesus is a sure sign of an all-loving God who longs for us to engage deeply with our world. This Advent season, your gift of financial support will light the flames of joy, love, hope, and grace to brighten the lives of those we serve through our missions.

Your support will shine joy on our retired sisters, as well as young women who are discerning a call to religious life.

Your partnership will provide a brilliant beacon of love that empowers disadvantaged children through education and life-sustaining resources.

Your gift will rekindle a flickering light of hope as people who are marginalized in society wake to the possibilities of each new day with access to basic human services.

Your generosity will radiate the grace that survivors of violence and human trafficking need to face life with courage and dignity.

Won’t you please prayerfully consider helping us fulfill the promise of Christ’s birth and reflect the Light that Came into the World. Imagine how your caring support of our ministries will brighten the world this Christmas!

May the Light of Christ fill your heart and home with love, peace, and joy this holy season and throughout the new year!

God’s peace and love to you always,

Sister Mary Diez
Pam Mueller
Director of Mission Advancement