Peace Prayer

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Pieces of Peace

Dear God...

I caught a glimpse of Peace today in my backyard,
where sun drops played with broken branch and wind entwined with leaves;
and all in harmony, Creation sings a place for Peace...

I caught a glimpse of Peace today among the residents,
where feeble steps and wheel chair folks push weary bones and body;
and all in harmony, Humanity walks their quiet presence of Peace...

I caught a glimpse of Peace today,
when morning sun faded into evening NEWS.
Where guns and violence and burning Korans ceased
and Muslim mosque sparked humble birth;
and all in harmony, our Universe paused to breathe,
lock hands and hearts and together prayed:

"O God...transform us into your people of Peace,
to be and see Pieces of Peace everywhere we pray!"


Noel Le Claire, SSSF