Peace Prayer

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International Leadership Team

International Leadership TeamLoving and compassionate God,
we see our brothers and sisters in faith,
and people of so many faiths:
persecuted, terrorized and tortured,
driven from their homes and homeland,
hungry and thirsty, exiled and wandering,
seeking a place to lay their troubles down,
seeking a haven of healing, a refuge 
where they might dwell and worship you
in peace...

Come heal the beaten, wounded poor, 
bring peace to those who have no peace,
and comfort those who mourn and grieve their dead...

Bring hope when we feel helpless
and counsel us to find the ways
that you would choose to free all those in chains...

Merciful God, lest we become as tyrants, too,
teach us, in peace, to make the world once more
the gift you have entrusted to our hands...Amen.

from a prayer by Fr. Austin Fleming