Peace Prayer

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Assisi Province – South IndiaAssisi School, Kanjikode, Kerala, South India

O most holy Trinity, God of everlasting love and mercy,

pour out your ever living love and compassion in all our hearts. 

May the flowers of real peace and joy blossom in all of our inner shrines.  And may the fragrance of it foster many to the beauty of serenity and fraternity.

Make us the messengers of your love, peace and compassion towards all and to the entire universe. 

Make us more and more generous and give us the grace to bring up hope in despair, love in hatred, freedom in bondage and unity in diversity. 

Make us the bearers of your love to be the voice of the voiceless and hope of the hopeless.

May your bond of love bind all of us in eternal harmony.  And may the steadfastness of your love and peace that wells up from within sanctify all by the streams of reconciliation. 

Let your peace reign in our hearts, our world and the entire universe forever.


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