Peace Prayer

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Assisi Province - South India, Bangalore

Assisi Province - South India, BangaloreJesus said to them again “Peace be with you”.
Listen, listen, he is here for you and for me.
His peace is still flowing like a river to you and to me.
His word is ever new, can’t you hear it?


Peace, be still, be silent and you will hear it
He whispers the deepest love and peace to you and to me.
Jesus, humanity has to feel your power and mercy,
all need to experience your healing touch and love.
Yes, let us open our hearts more and more to him
to receive his ever lasting peace and joy,
and to make the world a peaceful and happy place.


No more fighting, no more crying and strife
No bloodshed, no fences, no enemies, no fear.
Almighty God, may your kingdom come here on earth soon.
We pray, true light of the world, Jesus Christ,
grant us the grace to be heralds of your coming
by preparing the ways of justice and of peace.


God forever and ever, Amen.


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