Peace Prayer

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South India Province

South India ProvinceAlmighty God, you have the power to disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed.  Bless us with your power to go forth to comfort and raise the marginalized.

When tension and turmoil prevail, help us to be serene and gentle.

When the world cries aloud for peace, move us in compassion and love.  May the power of separation and disunity be defeated, and may people live in harmony and dignity!

When secularism creeps in and threatens communal harmony, help us hold on to the truth.

When the relationships are broken and life becomes a burden, bind us with your divine bond. 

Lord, new times have posed new problems in our world. Empower the powerless and unite all people of good will for the task of building a better society in the spirit of freedom, co-operation and reciprocity.