Peace Prayer

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ULAF Province

Trinitarian Prayer for Peace

ULAF ProvinceLord You said to your Disciples, “Peace be with you” (John. 20,20), Why is that now it is so hard for us to live in peace?

We ask you oh Lord, to guide us in paths that lead to peace.

We ask you oh, Good Jesus, that we realize the commitment and the love that peace entitles.

We ask you oh, Holly Spirit, to transform our minds and hearts so we seek to act in ways to live in peace.

You are our peace Lord Jesus, this is why we ask that you keep vigil on our towns tormented by violence, that live in the midst of fear and insecurity.

You are our peace, Lord Father, this is why we ask you not to abandon the art of your hand, you created us, you have weaved our existence from the womb. Look at your people and have mercy on us.

You are our peace, Holly Spirit, infuse on us the fire of your love so we can live bravely in search of nonviolent practices.

Holly Trinity, help us to trust in your peace, in your mercy and in your love AMEN.

Mary Queen of Peace, pray for us.