Peace Prayer

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International Leadership Team

International Leadership TeamIt is good to walk

It is good to walk. . . to walk means we are in constant motion, not stopping. It means advancing, progressing. . . walking in faith, with hope and with love and with peace. To walk in human understanding is to grow in it. To walk always comprehending that every creature is unique.

To walk in the ability of listening and dialoguing. . . to walk comprehending nature, listening to the trees, the water, the stars, understanding what birds tell us, comprehending human voices, getting enchanted by the smallest thing, by beauty.

Walking being patient with myself, knowing how to accept me, how to forgive myself, accepting that I can fall too.

Walking—trusting God and trusting people, walking with self-esteem.

Walking is good. . . to live intensely the life that God gave us, acquiring friends wherever we go, pursuing our final goal.

It is good to walk. . . life is a path to be walked. It is our unique path full of surprises, of beauty, of chance, of difficulties and risks.

Each one of us must build that path. Not alone, but with the people that God sends our way, sharing the same surprises and difficulties.

To travel and build the path we must be brave. Brave to break down obstacles and, when possible, create short cuts to get closer to our final goal.

It is necessary to walk the path and love it.  We need to be in harmony and in tune with God, with ourselves, with others and with nature.

Sometimes we need to offer our help to those who walk with us, serving as guide and support, as comfort.

It requires courage, faith, and a lot of love to build a path that allows me to walk as I am, you the way you are, and we as we are. We can be happier, more peaceful people, in fullness with God.