Peace Prayer

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Hazme un Instrumento de tu pazMarch

ULAF Province

Lord God, thank you for the life that you grant us every day, in that spirit that invites us to experience inner peace.

 Thank you for your presence, which motivates us to continue trusting in you. You grant us the joy of walking with us as you did with the women in the Gospel when you went out to meet them on the road. “And as they went, Jesus met them and greeted them. And they ran to him, grasped his feet, and worshiped him” (Matthew 28, 9). In the same way you transmit peace to us, and for this reason, we can trust in your presence and continue on our journey amidst the complex situations that disregard life and endanger peace. Fill us with your light and impel our life so that we may be that joyful witness of your presence in the world and grant each other mutual trust and forgiveness, as indicated in RIF.

Guide our mission and our consecration so that we can reaffirm our testimony as peacemakers wherever we may go.

Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace, intercede with your maternal love so that we may walk in faith. Amen.

Prayer for Peace
Saint John of the Cross
O blessed Jesus, give me stillness of soul in You.
Let your mighty calmness reign in me.
Rule me, O King of Gentleness,

King of peace.

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