Peace Prayer

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St. Francis Province, North India

St. Francis Province, North IndiaPeace prayer for the world

Dear God, You are the sovereign ruler of the world. You are Lord over natural calamities, over nations in turmoil and terrorist plots, over starving children and fleeing refugees and prisoners. You control everything. There is nothing you can’t do. O Jesus, bring an end to violence, hatred and discord. Bring justice to the downtrodden and abused and hope to the hopeless. Lord of all, help us to see your face in the faces of the people around us. Give us courage to love one another, give us compassion for those who are unlike us. Heal the hatred in the world around us by healing our own hearts first. O loving Jesus Christ, you have said to your apostles “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you.” Lord, we pray for the power to be kind, merciful and gentle; the strength to be forgiving; the patience to be understanding and the endurance to accept the whole tribulations and struggles as your will. Help us to devote our whole life and thought and energy to the task of making peace, praying always for the inspiration and the power to fulfil your will. Fill us, Lord, with your love of peace that we may spread your peace with full vigour and enthusiasm among the people of God. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen