Peace Prayer

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European Province

European ProvinceMerciful God,

You are familiar with our whole lives.
You know the trouble spots and places of hope
in our daily lives and in the world.

We bring our desire for peace and reconciliation before you:

We trust
that You dwell in every human being,
because you are Father and Mother of all.
We are committed to ensure that the decisions in our lives
are determined by justice and by care.
Let us grow in tolerance and respect for one another.

We believe
that Jesus accompanies us on our journey towards peace.
We strive to see and to alleviate the suffering in the world.
Give us courage, strength and wisdom to provide shelter for all
who come to us and live among us as refugees.
This is the only way that reconciliation can happen.

We hope
that God's spiritual power will fill us with life.
We want to feel it stirring inside of us and be moved by it.
Lead us go on new paths that we would never dare to tread on our own,
and let us push open doors that seem closed.
This is the only way that peace can begin.

With all our strength we want to make sparks of peace visible.
As we take daring steps of peace
we trust in the power of Your promise.
God of peace and reconciliation,
We praise you for all eternity. Amen.

Based on the peace prayer of the Catholic German Women's League

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