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Tau Volunteers Treasure the Experience

Tau Volunteers 2016-2017Our wonderful Tau Volunteers have been with us for 6 months already! Where does the time go? I’ll let the volunteers themselves tell you…

Jessie Brown is serving at Nativity Jesuit Academy working with almost all the grades as a teacher’s assistant, and working very specifically as a religion teacher for the older grades. Jessie’s first six months have been filled with classroom and subject plans, grading papers and bonding with her students. One fifth-grade student told her that she was a great teacher – and that was so endearing for Jessie. Jessie lives with the sisters at Blessed Sacrament and is also experiencing the kindness of “her sisters,” and their availability to talk things over, pray together, share meals and just plain enjoy life together.

Sarah Johnson serves the Cathedral of St. John in a variety of ways. She helps with the daily lunch meal and handing out of bag lunches at the Open Door Café, as well as being available to the homeless guests in search of other community resources. Her experience in working with the guests at the Open Door Café has been an extraordinary journey, one that has confirmed her decision to be a social worker. Sarah has a degree in social work, but there’s nothing like hands-on reality! Sarah also lives with the Blessed Sacrament sisters and this has proven to be one of the greatest blessings of her service year. Sarah has decided to “do” another year as a Tau Volunteer as she discerns her next steps: grad school, where and what to concentrate on.

Cassie Shultz serves as a teacher’s and staff assistant at Notre Dame Primary School. She is a “jane of all trades” at the school and it’s a very good thing that she is a flexible as she is. Cassie has been able to identify a number of needs at the school that even the staff hadn’t been aware of! She is totally enchanted by the students, and it’s been a huge blessing for her to watch them grow and learn. Cassie lives with the sisters at Maryhill and enjoys it so much, especially the evening prayer with the sisters, which is one of the best things for her.

All of our Tau Volunteers have been able to participate in many events and offerings of the community. They have had the opportunity to participate in everything from fun outings to more serious discussions about peace and justice issues. All of them feel strongly that learning more about peace and justice has been one the strongest aspects of the Tau program…and the fun events haven’t been too shabby either!