The Wonderous Gift is Given

Christmas 2018

On that holiest of nights, we sing, How silently, how silently the wondrous gift is given.Christmas Appeal artwork
Christmas, the season of joy and beauty, peace and good will, is a celebration of God’s gift to us. Jesus, the babe born in a manger, is the true gift that makes Christmas a time of joy. Loving us fully and unconditionally, God silently entered our lives to bring unending hope to all through his son, Jesus.

In gratitude for that wondrous gift, the spirit of Christmas encourages us to share God’s love by being a gift to others. We invite you to celebrate God’s presence in the world by giving a gift that supports people in need of help and hope. Your gift will mirror to those in need the very gift of love that God gave to us. YOU can be a WONDROUS GIFT to many through our sisters who are present with their gifts of time and talent in missions around the world.

BE A GIFT to our retired sisters around the world by safeguarding their future with a simple lifestyle, yet lovingly cared for. BE A GIFT to the hungry and sick so their sense of hope is restored by your provisions of food, shelter, clean water and medical care. BE A GIFT to destitute women and victims of human trafficking so their broken spirits are uplifted by your gentle care. BE A GIFT to families escaping violence and abandoned refugee children so their belief in the power of love is kindled by your advocacy for their basic human rights.

Throughout the upcoming holy season, may you and those you hold dear experience God’s gifts of love, peace and joy. As you gather around the manger with family and friends, treasure in each other God’s wondrous gift—the gift of unconditional love.

Christmas blessings,

Sister Mary Diez                       Pamela Mueller
President                                   Director of Mission Advancement