Christmas Appeal

Christmas 2019

Joy to the world, the Lord has come! In the story of Christ’s birth, we hear the joyful song of the angels who announce to the shepherds the extraordinary event of the birth of Jesus. They sang in celebration of God’s gift of grace and mercy, given out of love to embrace all of humankind.

Just as the angels were messengers of joy to our world so long ago, we invite you in this holy season to celebrate God’s promise of bringing joy to the world through your prayers and financial support. By actively participating in our mission to witness God’s presence, you enter the lives of people in need. Yes, it is impossible to personally reach out to all those in need in our communities, much less around the world. But one person, one gift, one prayer can make a difference. Your gift will be a song that brightens the lives of those most in need by announcing with joy your heartfelt desire to bring…

inspiring hope to children orphaned or with special needs through education and vocational training;

comforting peace to immigrants fleeing violence through the safety of warm shelter and meals;

Make a Gift buttonrestorative healing to impoverished villagers in Latin America through medical care and counseling;

grateful hearts to our retired sisters knowing they are lovingly remembered for their service, and compassionately cared for today.

Your continued presence in our ministries – a most ordinary act of love and joy – becomes the extraordinary spirit of Christmas. As we approach the Christmas season, we pray that God’s liberating joy will shine forth in your lives. May you know the joy of our Savior’s birth, the peace of His presence, and the wonder of His love.

Christmas blessings,

Sister Mary Diez

Pam Mueller
Director of Mission Advancement