Christmas Appeal

Let the King of Glory Come

Christmas 2020

The humble donkey in the story of Jesus’ birth was an unlikely instrument of divine praise. A model of service, the donkey carried Mary on her journey with Joseph to Bethlehem, then offered his manger for the baby’s first rest.

Later, when the child Jesus’ life was threatened, the donkey brought the Holy Family to safety in Egypt. Finally, days before his Passion, Jesus rode the donkey triumphantly into Jerusalem. Thanks in no small part to the donkey’s gift of service, we can joyfully proclaim this Christmas, “Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord.”

By doing ordinary things, we too are disciples of service. We educate young children and teens, giving them the knowledge and necessary skills to become productive adults. We compassionately listen to the struggles of the marginalized, building up their dignity and shining a way to move forward. We advocate peacefully for social justice, lending our voices of encouragement to victims of injustice. And we provide loving care and companionship to our retired sisters, honoring their life-long service.

You have been a faithful companion on our sisters’ journeys of ministry. Your prayers and financial support have played a crucial role in delivering the Good News of Jesus as we witness to the presence of God in today’s world.

Make a GiftToday, we ask for your continued support. In sharing your financial gift and prayers with us, you join in our mission work to spread the Kingdom of God. Time and again, the lowly donkey was of service to Jesus, history’s greatest gift. Please join with us as together, we humbly honor Christ by delivering gifts of daily essential needs, dignified care, and compassionate justice.

May the story of the Christmas donkey’s faithful service lift you above everyday uncertainties with the message of goodwill toward all humankind. That is what the Nativity story is all about. As you prepare for Christmas, let your heart cry, “Let the King of Glory Come!”

Christmas blessings,

Sister Mary Diez

Pam Mueller
Director of Mission Advancement