Candles of Love

Candles of Love

The School Sisters of St. Francis lovingly extend a heartfelt thank you for believing in our mission! Living the Good News of Jesus, we strive to be a source of new life, new meaning and new hope for the poor and disadvantaged around the world. Through your generosity, you bless us as partners who help us to meet the many needs facing us every day. We are honored by your support of our mission that has enriched the lives of so many.

In gratitude for your friendship and support, we offer you our gift of prayer. During November, your intentions will be petitioned before God by our sisters during our Candles of Love Liturgy and every day throughout the month. Assured by our faith, we carry on this long tradition of praying for the dead in the belief that our prayers assist our deceased brothers and sisters on their way to God, to the joy and peace of heaven.

Make a GiftDeeply humbled by your trust in us, we invite you to send us your prayer intentions at Our sisters will be honored to pray for your intentions as you and your loved ones are held in our hearts.

This is our gift to you.

May the prayers of the month of remembrance bring you the peace and joy promised through the risen Christ.

You are always in our circle of love and prayer,

Sister Mary Diez Pam Mueller
President Director of Mission Advancement