Celebrating 100 Years of St. Joseph Chapel

St. Joseph Chapel, Milwaukee, WisconsinIn 1914, Mother Alfons, cofoundress of the School Sisters of St. Francis community, had a dream to create a holy place where worship, prayer, and music would be elevated. Each sister’s heartfelt commitment to serving God and God’s people would be reflected there.

That dream became a reality on March 19, 1917, with the consecration of St. Joseph Chapel. Completed in just three years and seven months, the craftsmanship of this sacred treasure stands as a beacon of beauty and praise to God.

Millions of footsteps have crossed the threshold of St. Joseph Chapel over these 100 years. This breathtaking convent chapel holds the memories and prayers of the past while opening its doors to all for the future.

As we celebrate our chapel’s centennial this year, we invite you to help us sustain this sacred space, ensuring that the beauty of this prayerful environment is preserved. With your help, it will remain a place of celebration, reflection, and adoration for all who enter its doors.

The cost to build this beautiful chapel was $461,000 in 1917. Today’s cost to maintain this sacred treasure is $160,000 annually.  As we look to maintain this legacy for years to come, we hope to not only raise the annual maintenance funds, but also the funds needed for the restoration and repair of this sacred treasure during this centennial year, totaling $250,000.  

We ask you to prayerfully consider making a significant financial gift to help us preserve the beauty of this beautiful house of God.  If you have visited the chapel, we invite you to recall your own memories of that sacred space when considering your response.  

We hope you will join us in supporting the dream of the future through your prayers and financial gift.