Making a Forever Difference





United with one another in prayer and spirit, the School Sisters of St. Francis celebrate our foundresses on April 28th, our founding day. Their uninhibited courage and commitment to a global mission made a forever difference in lives around the world.

In the spirit of our foundresses, our work continues to respond to the needs of the time. Our changing world offers many opportunities to create an environment where life is respectfully honored, carefully nurtured, and compassionately protected, and a chance to remain connected with you as partners in mission.

We ask for your continued support to strengthen the impact of our missions and remain united with our sisters who constantly strive to make a forever difference in the ...

EDUCATIONAL LIFE of a child with special needs at Assisi School in South India. Although the children are provided with meals and special equipment, your donation will help expand vocational programs and provide new therapy resources.

PHYSICAL LIFE of an elderly woman at Asha Bhavan in North India. This respite provides constant care for abandoned women often found along roadsides. Your gift will help fulfill an ongoing need for food, medicine and additional caregivers.

HOLISTIC LIFE of an immigrant family in the El Paso-Juárez border region. At Casa Alexia, our sisters offer counseling and pastoral care. Your support provides the more than 700 pounds of food that helps meet these families’ needs each month.

EMOTIONAL LIFE of a woman exploited by human trafficking in Milwaukee. Through the Sisters Program-South, our sisters are collaborating with other religious communities to help these women begin a journey towards healthier, safer lives. Your contribution will help fund an expanded program to rescue more trafficked women.

SPIRITUAL LIFE of a retired sister celebrating her Jubilee. We celebrate the milestone anniversaries of our sisters who have lovingly served others for 80, 75, 70, 60, 50 and 40 years. Their hearts are filled with gratitude to all who have been a blessing in their lives. In a special way, they remember that it is your generosity that assists in the care of our retired sisters.

These ministries, and many more, would be nearly impossible without your support. Our mission continues day after day, year after year because of your faithfulness. By donating your financial resources, you partner with us to make a positive impact on the lives of people who are poor and marginalized in society, to create a just and peaceful world.

Reflecting on the community’s growth and international outreach over the decades, we recognize and give thanks to our friends and benefactors who partner with us through prayer, actions, and financial support. We are touched and amazed by the good we are accomplishing around the globe together!

As you unite with us in mission, we pray that you may experience the joy that comes from opening your hearts to embrace the world and make a forever difference in the lives of our brothers and sisters.