Funding Pastoral Care

The School Sisters of St. Francis are committed to spiritual growth and to providing pastoral care to all those in need of it.  This year, we are seeking funds for these pastoral programs.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Music Ministry program engages the Southeastern Wisconsin community in educational, formational, and cultural experiences at St. Joseph Convent Chapel in Milwaukee.  The program seeks to make traditional liturgical music relevant and accessible to today’s audiences and performers.  Music Ministry uses a combination of seminars, performances, and work with the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to enhance the liturgical experience for the people of the area.

Beatitudes concert program
provides programs for the monthly prayer and concert program, “Beatitudes.”
provides materials for 10 liturgical composers attending a week-long seminar.

El Paso, Texas, and Juarez, Mexico

Through Casa Alexia in El Paso, Texas, and Juarez, Mexico, our sisters minister to the pastoral and spiritual needs of the residents of this violent region.  Sisters hold Bible study groups and prayer services, visit the sick and elderly, and organize the Family Catechesis program at Jesus Obrero Parish in Juarez.  These programs help the people served to center themselves in faith and peace, and participation continues to grow.

Course materials
will provide all families in the catechesis program at Jesus Obrero Parish with course materials.
will purchase a set of Bible study books for the group in El Paso.