Funding Education

The School Sisters of St. Francis educate people of all ages, races, and creeds around the world and have emphasized the importance of education for all since the beginning of the order.  This year, these education projects need your support.

Bangalore, India
Assisi Special School in Bangalore, India, serves children who are poor and developmentally disabled so that they can receive an education that would not otherwise be possible.  The sisters have designed a holistic curriculum that includes traditional subjects, such as language and mathematics, as well as yoga, self-help skills and physical and speech therapy. Many children show remarkable improvements in a short time, and families receive the knowledge and skills they need to encourage progress at home.

School under construction Teacher Computer
purchases a handrail for the school building under construction.
pays a teacher’s salary for one month.
provides the students with one computer.

Bicchiya, India
In Bicchiya, India, the sisters operate a hostel for 89 tribal girls attending the diocesan school in the village.  The girls, ranging in age from 6 to 20, receive a home, warm clothing, school materials, and medicine.  Because the girls generally come from poor families, the sisters provide scholarships for their education.  After spending their schooling years with the sisters, the girls are extremely well-prepared for steady employment.

Student Scholarships Girls
provides one girl with one month’s tuition.
gives one girl a scholarship for a full year.
provides ten girls with full-year scholarships.


El Paso, Texas
At Casa Alexia in El Paso, Texas, Sister Fran Hicks teaches English as a Second Language classes to the residents of unincorporated border settlements (colonias) with the goal of helping them build a better life in the United States.  This year there are about 50 students, primarily women, ranging from 18 to 68 years old.  The program consists of four levels, from beginning to advanced, with students encouraged to learn at their own pace.  Completing this program allows the students to further their own education and find better jobs, communicate better with others, and pass the U.S. citizenship test.

Skill books Skill books
provides skill books for five students.
provides skill books for twenty students.

Santa Apolonia, Guatemala
Hogares de Santa Maria de Guadalupe (Guadalupe Homes) in Santa Apolonia, Guatemala, prides itself on the educational opportunities given to the orphaned and abandoned children who live there.  The children attend village schools and frequently go on to specialized study in areas such as computer technology, accounting, mechanics and nursing.  Hogares also features onsite workshops in tailoring, shoemaking, carpentry and agriculture, providing the children with the vocational skills needed to become self-sufficient adults in Guatemala.

High school students Uniforms Elementary school
provides two months of tuition for a high school student.
buys a school uniform for an elementary school student.
enrolls 23 children in the village elementary school.