Funding Clean Water and Clean Energy

Just as Saint Francis cared for the earth, so do the School Sisters of St. Francis strive to follow in his footsteps.  Please consider supporting our work as we bring clean water and clean energy to those who need it most.

Budni and Bhopal, India

The sisters in Budni and Bhopal, India, need to install solar panels that will provide a steady supply of electricity.  At St. Francis School in Budni, there is no power for much of the day, leaving the students without lights or computer access. At our convent in Bhopal, which serves as headquarters for the province, the heat during summer meetings becomes unbearable. Solar panels would permit the use of electric fans to provide some relief.  Because of the sunny climate in India, solar panels are an ideal source of sustainable and low-cost energy.

Solar Panels Solar Panel
will provide one complete solar panel kit for the Bhopal convent.
will provide one complete solar panel kit for St. Francis School.

Raisen, India

The sisters in Raisen, India, are beginning the process of constructing a new convent.  In this area where water is scarce, a borewell must be dug first in order to supply the convent with water for everyday living and agricultural needs.  Once it is completed, the sisters will be able to cultivate gardens to grow vegetables for themselves and those living in surrounding areas.

will pay for 10 feet worth of digging.
will provide a pipe for the well.

will pay for the cost of digging all 350 feet.