Funding Basic Human Needs

Everywhere our sisters serve, we see people craving the most basic necessities: sufficient food, structurally sound housing, and safe medical care. Please consider supporting the work of our sisters as we strive to meet these basic human needs around the world.

Juárez, Mexico

At Casa Alexia in Juárez, Mexico, our sisters work with an area parish to operate a food sharing program serving 55 families.These families are victims of the constant violence and resulting economic crisis in Juárez. Each month, the families receive staple items such as rice, dried beans, cooking oil, sugar, and detergent.

Funding Basic Human Needs Rice Staple Items

provides one family with a complete package for one month

provides 55 families with one month's worth of rice

gives one family one year's worth of staple items

Bangalore, India

In Bangalore, India, our sisters operate Asha Bhavan, a home for 25 destitute elderly women who have been abandoned by their families. Asha Bhavan provides shelter, food, nursing care, and a much-needed sense of community. The sisters’ primary goal here is to help these women regain their sense of self-worth and self-respect, while restoring their physical and mental health.

Food and medicine

provides food and medicine for one woman for one month.

provides a week’s worth of food for all 25 residents.

Santa Apolonia, Guatemala

In Santa Apolonia, Guatemala, our sisters have cared for orphaned and abandoned children at Hogares de Santa Maria de Guadalupe (Guadalupe Homes) since 1985.  At Hogares, children receive a warm bed, a healthy diet, clean clothing, wonderful opportunities for education and, most importantly, they become part of a loving family.


Food Milk Dried beans

will provide food for one week for one child.

provides a week’s worth of milk for all 74 children.
provides a month’s worth of dried beans for the children.

Goreghat, India

In Goreghat, India, Sister Beena Kanjirathingal works at Assisi Dispensary, where she treats 70-85 poor tribal people each day.  With no assistance, Sister Beena serves patients suffering from malaria, typhoid, diarrhea, tuberculosis, snake bites, fractures, and other illnesses.  She also delivers babies, often during the night.  Her patients do not have other options for care in the area, and the demand is becoming too great for Sister Beena to handle alone.


will pay for a month’s salary for a second nurse.


Attapallam, India

In Attapallam, India, Lakshmi has worked for the sisters in the Assisi Convent kitchen for many years.  Abandoned by her parents at the age of 14, Lakshmi became the sole caretaker for her younger siblings.  She currently lives in an unsecured hut, which is very dangerous for a single young woman.  The sisters wish to help her build a 420-square-foot house to relieve some of her worries.

Floor Roof

will provide the cost of the floor.

will literally put a roof over her head.