Social Justice and Social Services

Believing that everyone has the power to bring about change, we strive to support life, promote justice and encourage environmentalism. Many of the projects we carry out work to support the basic human rights of the poor and marginalized in society. As a province we participate in ecumenical forums, peace prayers, and conservation walks. We promote the creative and practical use of recyclable elements and cultivate green space for growing vegetables and other natural products.

Casa Alexia - El Paso, Texas, food distribution program on the borderSan José El Tesoro
Yalpemech, Guatemala
In 1991, Sister Joannes Klas accompanied 800 returned refugees here in a resettlement program. Today, sisters serve as catechists, educators and facilitators of community development for the various ethnic groups in the area. With the help of many partners, the people have built a church, parish center, school, nursery, clinic and coop store. In 1997, Sister Joannes received a UN Human Rights award for her work with refugees.

Border Ministry
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
As a joint project with sisters living across the border in El Paso, TX, sisters minister in a local parish, coordinate a food distribution program, and accompany families affected by the violence in the region.

Hogares Santa Maria de Guadalupe (Guadalupe Homes)
Santa Apolonia, Guatemala
Guadalupe Homes, founded in 1985 in response to the victims of the 36-year civil war, cares for orphaned or abandoned children.  In each of six homes, surrogate mothers (often widows), sisters and volunteers care for the children’s daily needs.  In addition to primary and secondary education in the local school, the children are trained in practical skills: carpentry, shoe making, tailoring, agriculture, domestic arts, computer, etc. The dental and medical clinics also serve the local people.