Healthcare and Healing

Believing that the wellbeing of an individual leads to our collective wellbeing, we work to bring health services to marginalized populations. Whether by empowering health promoters to reach out to their community, creating opportunities for natural healing, increasing access to basic healthcare, or teaching families how to improve their diet, we seek to provide individuals with the tools and services that will allow them to be effective advocates for their own health, their family’s and that of their community’s.

Rieti, YalpemechRieti Spirituality and Healing Center
San Marcos, Guatemala
Rieti Spirituality and Healing Center, begun by the Sisters, is one response to a society seriously affected by the violence of the 36-year civil war. The sisters form part of a team that offers psychological, physical and spiritual healing, especially for women and children of all ethnic groups. 

Santa Ana Clinic
La Libertad, Honduras
At Santa Ana Clinic, the Sisters and two doctors offer medical care for the poor in the municipality and surrounding villages. They also provide boarding facilities for young female students.

Paiwas, Nicaragua
A Sister, together with the Social and Health Promoters of Paiwas, promotes community development through small-scale sustainable development projects, such as family gardens and raising poultry. A program for children provides early education classes and nutritious meals. The health center offers intensive courses for women including midwifery, health and preventive medicine, acupuncture, and herbal medicine production, preparation and sale.