Healthcare and Healing

Healthcare and Healing in IndiaFollowing the compassionate example of Jesus, the School Sisters of St. Francis offer health care services that are people-oriented and holistic.  We seek to provide healing in all spheres—physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional—by serving as doctors, nurses, counselors, and health educators.

Usri Village Dispensary and Clinic
Usri, Madhya Pradesh
In Madhya Pradesh, the sisters at the Usri village dispensary and clinic serve about 8,000 villagers from 10 surrounding communities. Utilizing a combination of traditional herbal remedies and modern Western medicine, the sisters also conduct classes on health and nutrition.

Health Clinic
Goreghat, Madhya Pradesh
In Goreghat, Madhya Pradesh, the sisters operate a clinic that serves impoverished tribal people, many of whom come on foot from great distances to be treated.  The dispensary provides critical health services to people who do not have another option for medical care, including those suffering from malaria, typhoid, tuberculosis, snake bites, and bone fractures.

Assisi Nikethan Clinic
Kanjikode, Kerala
At Assisi Nikethan Clinic in Kanjikode, sisters provide nursing care for low-income workers from the area’s steel companies.  These patients come from many different states within India and so speak a variety of languages. The sisters work to overcome these boundaries, providing primary health care for these workers.