Social Justice and Social Services

As School Sisters of St. Francis, every part of our life and work is rooted in our quest to promote social justice. Most directly, we work in social services within parishes, administering to immigrant families, to the sick and dying, and being there for those in need. More indirectly, each of us, whether we work in parishes, schools, clinics, retreat centers, or elsewhere, seek to live out our congregation’s call to transform the world through peace, justice, and love.

Sister Christiane EmigSocial Justice Across Borders
Sister Christiane Emig

Since moving to Honduras in 1984, Sister Christiane has worked on education projects in rural communities. In collaboration with Honduran Sister Maria Rosa, Sister Christiane created a preschool and daycare center for low-income families. Later, she improved and expanded a secondary school operating under poor conditions. Today, Sister Christiane continues her work helping marginalized communities access quality education.

Social Justice in the Work of Sister Wilfriede Schmitt

Sister Wilfriede Schmitt works in a school with a large percentage of Turkish immigrants. Seeing how difficult it was for them to adjust to German society due to communication barriers, she learned the Turkish language as a way to bridge the language gap. By combining German language classes with therapy activities and learning German social skills, she has helped to improve the academic performance of many of the children that attend the school.

Social Justice in the Life of Sister Bonifatia Metzger
“My Kitchen Table”

Time and again I invite guests for a simple supper and a glass of wine. My simple kitchen table is a place where we gift each other with time, attention, “esteem”, and community; where we share our lives and thus become “nourishment” for each other. Read more of Sister Bonifatia's story