Pastoral Ministry and Spiritual Growth

We humbly seek to live out the Gospel by serving as spiritual leaders and companions in parishes in Germany and Switzerland. A significant part of our work revolves around proclaiming the good news in liturgies, prayer services and meditations. We recognize the lonely and suffering within our society by spending time at hospitals, nursing homes, and with those who are sick and dying. We also take pride in supporting and empowering the woman of the parish, joyfully accompanying them and their families through parish life.

Haus HochfeldenHaus Hochfelden
Sasbach, Germany

Haus Hochfelden, located in the immediate vicinity of the School Sisters of St. Francis Convent in Erlenbad, Germany, has been operated by the School Sisters as a place for education and retreats since 1967. Together with the convent, the house is a spiritual place that offers engaging church services, spirituality seminars, retreats, and annual events.

Freiburg, Germany

The sisters carry out pastoral work in the parish, providing opportunities for meditation, spiritual guidance, and assistance with social issues.

Schweiz, Switzerland
Sister Bonifatia Metzger follows her calling to pastoral ministry from the altar, to her kitchen table, to the tables of local restaurants. Click here to read her reflection on “My Three Tables.”