As School Sisters of St. Francis, we believe education is a way to transform the world through peace, justice and love. Addressing this belief, we work as teachers, adapting our teaching practices to meet the needs of the times. Whether it is through compassionate care to young children from difficult backgrounds or culturally inclusive education for immigrants, we build academic foundations while seeking to be examples of strong moral character.

Clemens Maria Kinderheim
Public School Ministry

Hüfingen, Germany
Sister Wilfriede Schmitt works in a school with a large percentage of Turkish immigrants. Seeing how difficult it was for them to adjust to German society due to communication barriers, she learned the Turkish language as a way to bridge the language gap. By combining German language classes with therapy activities and learning German social skills, she has helped to improve the academic performance of many of the children that attend the school.

Clemens Maria Kinderheim

Putzbrunn, Germany
The Sisters teach in a kindergarten in which many of the students come from broken families. Through patient, compassionate instruction and care, these sisters help the children to grow, both mentally and emotionally.