Caring for Our Sisters

“Our community life is a means of joyful witness to God’s presence in the world. As sisters to one another, we pledge mutual trust and forgiveness, honesty and friendship, care and responsibility.”

Response in Faith 18

We, the community of the Sisters of St. Francis in Erlenbad, Germany, strive to meet this responsibility. There are currently about 100 sisters living in our Provincial House, where they spend their twilight years. They dedicated many years of their lives to the sick and the needy, and, like their foundress Mother Alexia, they worked in schools and kindergartens as well as in pastoral care. Despite their advanced old age, many of these Sisters are still engaged in some activities, such as helping out in the kitchen, the ironing and sewing room, in the garden, in the refectory, sacristy and with the liturgy, and in countless minor tasks in the community. A very important service for our sisters is the apostolate of prayer. Through the Eucharist, Liturgy of the Hours and the Eucharistic adoration, the sisters are connected with our international Congregation and with the Church. We have about 30 sisters requiring medical supportive services help due to illness and old age. Through visitation services, mutual assistance and individual support we respond to our elderly Sisters and their needs. With gratitude and satisfaction, these elderly Franciscans continue giving witness to their faith and their vocation.

Click on the following pictures to read some thoughts shared by the sisters living at Kloster Erlenbad, the Provincial Motherhouse, in Erlenbad, Germany.

Sister Basiliana Broth Sister Thaddäa Hansmann Gudrun Indlekofer
Sister Basiliana Broth Sister Thaddäa
Sister Gudrun
Sister Reglindis Oeppling Sister Bernhilde Pawolleck  
Sister Regilindis
Sister Bernhilde