Who Are Tau Volunteers?

Sister Rosemary Reier, Irene Perez and Carmen Catena

Sister Rosemary Reier, Irene Perez and
Tau Volunteer Carmen Catena

Tau Volunteers unite with the School Sisters of St. Francis in serving our brothers and sisters who live in unjust situations, at the margins of our society. Tau Volunteers share the sisters’ mission to build a more just and peaceful world. Inspired by the lives of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi, Tau Volunteers share their gifts by fostering peace, serving those in need, and encouraging respect for all of God’s creation,thereby becoming the Franciscan face of the Gospel in our intercultural world.

The School Sisters of St. Francis  are an international community of Catholic sisters who serve throughout the United States and in Europe, Latin America, India, and Africa. Since their founding in 1874 the School Sisters of St. Francis  have served in  education, holistic wellness and healing, pastoral ministry, spiritual growth, social justice, and the arts – providing sources of new life, new meaning, and new hope.

Why Franciscan-Based Service?

Francis and Clare by Sister Helena SteffensmeierThe opportunity for a service experience based on the model and message of St. Francis and St. Clare brings to you this great privilege -- to follow your life’s quest.  They  are great examples of persons whose lives were rooted in God’s love, giving their life real purpose and meaning. Not only will your time of service provide an opportunity for self-discovery and purpose, it will be an opportunity to build loving relationships in community, in the service you do, and with God.  The time you spend intentionally modeling the peacemaking, simplicity, love and service of St. Francis and St. Clare will impact the rest of your life.