Become a Tau Volunteer

The Tau Volunteer Program offers a transformative experience for post-graduate women, at least 21 years old, who are looking to share service, community and spirituality with the School Sisters of St. Francis.

Thank you, Sarah!

Sarah Mueller with her parentsOur Tau Volunteer Sarah Mueller has ended her service time of three months and we extend a huge thank you to her! Sarah is shown here with her parents on the morning they arrived to bring her home.

Sarah started her time with us on August 28 with orientation, and then traveled to St. Charles, Illinois, where she served at Lazarus House Homeless Shelter. Sarah lived with Sister Mary Boyd, Sister Joelyn Hayes and their “wonder dog,” Cosmos.

Her time with us can be summed up in her own words. “I had a great experience and loved the flexibility of the whole program! Thank you for making an effort to personalize the experience and catering to our individual needs. I couldn’t have asked for better.”

Sisters Mary and Joelyn sent me a recent email letting me know that they are sad to see Sarah go, and they were very glad for the weeks she was with them. “Sarah enriched our lives. She has been a sweet presence, a big help with various endeavors, and a wonderful Tau Volunteer. We will make every effort to stay in touch. We wish her only good things in her future.”

During her service term at Lazarus House, Sarah had the opportunity to work in all the areas of the service provided there. Her supervisor, Liz Eakins, let me know that “Sarah has been such a blessing to us, she has always done what is needed, fit in with our staff beautifully, and has been a loving presence to our guests. I pray that Sarah knows what a tremendous gift her presence and service have been to Lazarus House.”

Sarah has returned home to Rhinelander, Wisconsin. She has a new apartment and started a new job at the Day to Day Warming Shelter for homeless men, continuing her care for those who struggle with “no place to lay their heads.” We, too, wish Sarah all good things moving forward!

Welcome Tau Volunteers!

Martina Fránková
Victoria Low
Sarah Mueller

Our community welcomes our newest Tau Volunteers Martina Fránková, Victoria Low and Sarah Mueller. Martina will be assisting teachers at Nativity Jesuit Academy for a year. Victoria Low will be at SET Ministry on Milwaukee’s north side. She is working with students at Atlas School, doing home visits and translating forms into Spanish. Sarah will be assisting the events coordinator at Lazarus House Homeless Shelter in St. Charles, Illinois, for three months while living with Sisters Mary Boyd and Joelyn Hayes.

"I'm looking forward to sharing our daily lives and "being enriched by the learned and lived wisdom of the sisters," Martina said. "I see the coming year as a pilgrimage where I never know what the next day will bring and have to rely only on the Lord. I will be grateful for every prayer as I have never been on such a long pilgrimage and so far from home."

“I’ve wanted to do some volunteer work for a while now, and when I went to the Catholic Volunteer Network to check things out, I just had a feeling about the Tau program. So, I emailed Irene directly, and we had such a great phone conversation that I felt Tau was the place I wanted and needed to be," said Victoria. "I just graduated with a degree in education and wanted to take time to think about my next steps, as well as grow in faith, trying to hear where God wants me to be. The Tau program is a place where I can do both!”

“As a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, I am excited to finally be able to focus my efforts in developing a greater relationship with God through full-time volunteering and prayer,” Sarah said. “The balance the Tau Volunteer program has between volunteering, prayer, and community seems to be just what I need to grow and learn. This is something that I've been wanting to do since high school, and I'm so grateful and excited for this wonderful opportunity!”

Please join us in welcoming them, thanking them for their service, and offering our prayers for their ministries with our community.

For more information, please contact:
Irene Perez, Tau Volunteer Program Coordinator
Phone: 414-385-5255 Fax: 414-385-5238