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The Tau Volunteer Program offers a transformative experience for post-graduate women, at least 21 years old, who are looking to share service, community and spirituality with the School Sisters of St. Francis.

Meet our recent Tau Volunteer

Carmen Catena Tau Volunteer Program Coordinator and Sister Rosemary Reier were very excited to pick up Carmen Catena at the Milwaukee airport on January 4, 2015. Irene and Carmen had been emailing for several weeks to discuss Carmen’s coming to Milwaukee to serve for three months, from January through the end of March. Even though the program was still in the very early stages of accepting volunteers, Irene felt that she just couldn’t pass up Carmen. Carmen had served with the Maryknoll Missions in Bolivia and AmeriCorps in Texas, so was a seasoned volunteer. Irene asked Carmen if she would be a “test” volunteer, and Carmen said, “absolutely.”

Carmen helped Irene with portions of the program handbook and orientation, while also serving with Milwaukee Achiever Literacy Services and assisting Alfons Gallery’s Director Valerie Christell in the art Gallery. She lived with Sister Rosemary Reier, Sister Carol Ann Jaeger, Sister Mary Carroll, and Sister Ruth Gengler. The sisters were very happy with their decision to host Carmen and she felt right at home.

Carmen fit right into working with us, living with the sisters and was a real gift to the Tau Volunteer program.

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