Food Program

Casa Alexia food program
Our helpers Cuarta and her little girl, Yoli,
helped us carry the goods from the truck
up to the second floor where we keep our supplies for the mid-month group.

Seven years ago we opened a Food Program in our parish. We had 31 families that we visited and helped once a month with a bag of five basic foods: two pounds of rice, dried beans, cooking oil, sugar and detergent. Thanks to our most generous donors, we were able to aid 64 families and  added five more basic foods: oatmeal, noodles, and cans of fish, milk and vegetables.

In May of 2015  we started a mid-month dispensary for 27 new families and a repeat for 3 of the neediest families from the other group. These families receive one kilo of rice, dried beans, sugar and soap, plus one quart of cooking oil.