Evangelization & Pastoral Ministries

Sister Kathy Braun in her pastoral ministry

Evangelization is one way to share the love of God with those who are most in need. In the colonias of El Paso and the city of Juárez in Mexico, our staff conducts Bible study groups and liturgical celebrations. They visit the sick and elderly who find themselves homebound or unable to move about as freely as they once did. We also work in collaboration with local parishes to meet basic human needs.

Several of our staff offer their time to advocate for those whose voice often is not heard because of their position on the margins of our society - immigrants, prisoners, the poor, the elderly.

Golden Agers Group

Every Friday morning a group of thirty or more senior citizens come to Sister Josefina Lopez’s “Golden Agers” meeting.  Sister Josefina began this group at the parish of Jesus the Worker in Juarez, Mexico about five years ago.  The group shares and reflects on the Word of God.  They listen to lectures on various topics such as:  health, economics and current events; participate in a manual arts class and exercise with dance and Tai Chi.   This group has also made a commitment to recycle, compost, and to conserve water as their way of appreciating and caring for the earth.

These seniors enjoy this time of socialization and return home stronger and happier in all aspects of their being.